Parent and Friends Association

The P & F Association hold an evening meeting once a month.  Families pay a P&F Levy each year, which the P&F uses to help fund chosen projects within the school. The most recent big projects include a synthetic grass running track on the school oval and heating the school swimming pool (2017).  Extensive, new playground equipment and more shade sails were installed on the oval at the end of 2019.  Re-furbishing the school pool and surrounds at the beginning of 2023.

The P&F Executive Committee can be contacted via the school email address: 

All OLR parents are members of the P & F Community, which:
  • Supports the Principal and staff in the development of a Christ-centred learning community, based upon the principles of Catholic doctrine
  • Supports the school’s policies developed in consultation with all stakeholders. The Principal has the responsibility to implement these policies
  • Treat all members of the school community with respect and courtesy
  • Acknowledges and affirms success in individual and School Achievement
  • Volunteer Training - Code of Conduct and Student Protection

 All parents are required to complete the Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) online Volunteer Training annual​ly 

Parents can follow this ​link​ and complete this training before volunteering in the classroom.​ The course is approx 20-30 mins long and should be renewed each year.  Proof of training completion certificate available at the end of the course should be sent to the OLR Office.