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Year One

​During the year the students will engage in several units of work. Class teachers advise parents on which units are being covered at the start of each term. Each class begins the year with a focus on the school's history and our Marian charism. This is used as a basis for developing a class covenant. 

A Catholic covenant is a solemn or written promise that is a shared vision and collective understanding of an expectation of appropriate behaviours. It is negotiated and written by the class to ensure all students have a common understanding and ownership. They develop an individual vision of how they will Know, Love and Serve together. ​

Each unit involves an inquiry approach and draws on the student’s understanding of their own life context, and that of believers through time. The deep learning and ‘big ideas’ are supported by scripture and draw on content from the sub-strands of Beliefs, Sacred Texts, Church and Christian Life. ​​

Focus Areas

Our nurturing relationship with God and creation 

​Students recognise ways in which believers nurture their relationship with God with others and all of creation. They recognise the choices that harm an individual and their loving relationships with God, others and all of creation. 


​How are we called to be co-creators and stewards of God’s creation? Students look at the sacredness of life and their responsibilities. They explore how to nurture their relationships with God, others and creation. 

The teaching and actions of Jesus 

By exploring the teachings and actions of Jesus in New Testament texts, students develop a greater understanding of Jesus’ mission and ministry in bringing about the Kingdom of God. They make connections to the lives of the saints and the way people live in community today. ​

Jesus teaches us about God’s Forgiveness and Healing

Students recognise the nature of God as loving, forgiving and healing. They identify choices that harm loving relationships and investigate ways people seek to heal relationships through reconciliation. This will include learning about Catholic Christian traditions including the Sacrament of Penance and prayers for forgiveness. 

God and His people: Understanding covenant through stories of the Old Testament

How is the nature of God revealed in the Old Testament? What does God promise His people? What is a covenant? How does God want us to act? Students explore God’s relationship with the Jewish people as described in Old Testament texts and make connections to their own lives.  

Church - Our Parish 

​Students explore what they know about our parish and Parish life. They learn about how parish people can pass on the Christian story to others and the ways that a parish is a community of believers. ​​