​​​​​​The OLR music program develops a broad and integrated understanding of music, which in turn allows for a means of expression, communication and discerning listening.

Music at OLR School is offered i​n two ways:

Classroom Music Program

The classroom music program is supported by a qualified music specialist who provides a sequenced and cumulative learning plan involving composing, performing and aural skills. Vocal and instrumental work are incorporated in this program using the Kodaly, Orff and Yamaha teaching techniques. Music is also integrated with other subjects where possible, e.g. Mathematics, Reading, English Genres, Social Studies, Science and Religious Education.​

Students have the opportunity to learn to play the recorder, ukulele and various drums. Students also have the opportunity to join the school choir. An established instrumental program is also available for the students.


Students have the opportunity to join the junior or senior school choirs. This year we also have a Year 6 choir.  Each choir gets together one breaktime a week to practice. During the year the choirs represent the school at external events, such as the Queensland Catholic Music Festival.  They also perform at various functions and venues, such as the local retirement village.

Instrumental programs

The school is working with the Symphony Music  to deliver this program, which includes 1 on 1 lessons and small group lessons.   Prep - Yr 2 students can choose a string instrument, while band instrument  (Alto saxophone, flute, clarinet, snare drum, tenor horn, trumpet, trombone) lessons are available for students in Year 3 - Year 6. 


Private Lessons

Private lessons by visiting specialist teachers are also available in piano, flute, violin, viola, drums and guitar.   
see the Extra Curricular Activities list for full contact details of each specialist. ​

Contact the school office for more information.