During the year the students will engage in several units of work. Class teachers advise parents on which units are being covered at the start of each term. Each clasbegins the year with a focus on the school's history and our Marian charism. This is used as a basis for developing a class covenant. 

A Catholic covenant is a solemn or written promise that is a shared vision and collective understanding of an expectation of appropriate behaviours. It is negotiated and written by the class to ensure all students have a common understanding and ownership. They develop an individual vision of how they will Know, Love and Serve together. 

Each unit involves an inquiry approach and draws on the student’s understanding of their own life context, and that of believers through time.  The deep learning and ‘big ideas’ are supported by scripture and draw on content from the sub-strands of Beliefs, Sacred Texts, Church and Christian Life. ​

Focus Areas​

What the Bible tells us about Jesus and understanding prayer

Students explore how Jesus was a Jew and prayed with his own family and friends and community. They learn to participate respectfully in prayer experiences. 

Remembering Lent and the Easter story 

 What stories do we hear and see in our school or Church? Students are introduced to the liturgical season of Lent and the story of Easter. They explore how Jesus was a Jew with his own family and friends, and how he suffered, died and rose again.  

Church celebrations and what we do. 

 Students learn about more prayer and the special places we pray together as part of a class school and parish. They learn about the Church building, celebrations, and rituals. They share in a church liturgy that highlights these special things we do and say as a Catholic faith community. 

Introducing the stories of Creation 

What stories tell about how the world was created? Students explore the creation story and identify God as the creator of all. They develop an understanding that the Bible is a sacred book to Christians and that Jewish people remember the story of creation.  


Old Testament People 

Through the Old Testament stories of Abraham and Sarah, Joseph and David Students explore how God’s love and care is evident in their lives and how God loves and cares for us also. 

How can I be like Jesus in the world? What do the stories of the Bible tell us about making good choices?  

Students explore Jesus’ message of love, compassion and forgiveness. How do we make good choices in our lives? Students explore the idea that God created people with freedom to choose right or wrong. Students engage with stories from the Bible  


Celebrating the story of Jesus Birth  

Students explore the infancy narratives through comparing and contrasting the accounts in Matthew and Luke. They learn how this story fits into the liturgical year in the seasons of Advent and Christmas.  ​