Mission and Vision for Learning

​​​​Our Lady of the Rosary School strives for excellence within a Catholic environment which fosters each child’s spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, emotional, creative, and physical development (OLR Vision and Mission Statement, 2019). We are part of Brisbane Catholic Education’s mission to be a “faith-filled community creating a better future”. 

Our school motto “To know, love and serve” God is also reflected in our approach to education. 
  • Know: Know our learners
  • Love: Act with compassion and care
  • Serve: All of our endeavours are for the best interests of our learners.

Alice Springs Declaration
The vision for education in Australia is "a world class education system that encourages and supports every student to be the very best they can be, no matter where they live or what kind of learning challenges they may face".  Our school practices enable the enactment of the Declaration's goals:
Goal 1: The Australian education system promotes excellence and equality​.  All students have the right to an education that is inclusive and free from discrimination.  Schools are tasked to provide support that aims to fulfil the individual capabilities and needs of learners.
Goal 2: All young Australians become:
  • ​Confident and creative individuals
  • Successful life-long learners
  • Active and informed members of the community.
                                                                          (Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration, 2019).

We aspire to the Brisbane Catholic Education beliefs that:
  • Every learner is created in the image and likeness of God and inspired by the Spirit, responds with passion and creativity to life.
  • Every learner is in some respect, like all others, like some others, like no other and we respond creatively, flexibly, and with a futures orientation to ensure dignity and justice for all.
  • Every learner can achieve success in life and learning where diversity is valued and shared wisdom contributes to decision-making that enriches and enlivens our world.

To achieve our mission and the goals for education in Australia, Our Lady of the Rosary School established a Mission and Vision Document in 2019. This document is complemented by more recent work in 2021/2022 on our Vision for Learning poster and our Learning Growth placemat

Australian Curriculum 

Teachers at Our Lady of the Rosary School plan and deliver the Australian Curriculum across all subject areas and assess according to the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.

BCE Catholic Identity and Curriculum

Teachers at Our Lady of the Rosary School plan and deliver the two models of the Religious Education Curriculum. Where relevant, Catholic Perspectives complement Australian Curriculum across all subject areas via the Line of Sight, and are integrated into teaching, learning and assessment according to BCE frameworks and guidelines.