Extracurricular Activities

​​​​At Our Lady of the Rosary School, we offer a diverse range of extracurricular activities to cater to the many different interests of our students. These activities are offered onsite before, during and after school hours. Additional fees apply, please contact the providers below for more information.

Instrumental Music

Private and small group music sessions are available to students who wish to learn the guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, woodwind​ or brass instruments. ​​Lessons are customised to suit the needs of each student with a focus on developing appropriate techniques and building repertoire and theory. 

Visit symphonymusic.com.au​ for more information or to enrol.

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are held during and after school for all ages and abilities. Classes are taught by Emma Hadfield, a highly experienced, caring and qualified teacher with degrees from QLD Conservatorium of Music.

Contact Emma on 0421 106 487 or emmahadfield@gmail.com​ for more information or to enrol. ​

Speech & Drama

Small group classes that focus on voice production, acting techniques, mime and improvisation, drama and role play, oral presentation and more! Students leave with increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-expression. ​

Contact Lynn Martin on 0412 742 632 or lmmartin22019@gmail.com for more information or to enrol. 

​​​Mike Ayanbadejo's Believe Basketball 

​​Mike Ayanbadejo is Our Lady of the Rosary's very Physical Education teacher, with over 30 years of experience as a professional athlete and coach. Sessions are held on Wednesday & Sunday afternoons at the OLR Shed and cater to all abilities. 

Visit Mike's Facebook page or email mayan8161@gmail.com​ for more information or to enrol. ​

Musical Theatre

Pure Imagination theatre productions​ develop, create and explore performing skills, giving children a chance to grow in confidence with drama games, learning dance and exploring voice through song. Weekly afternoon lessons. 

Contact Emily Bernoth at emily@pureimagination.biz. 

OLR Running and Athletics Club

The clubs are available to OLR students of all ages and abilities. Sessions are run by OLR teachers seasonally during the year. There is no cost to participate. 

Please contact the school office for more information. 


​Private and group lessons to develop technical, athletic and strategic tennis skills. In group lessons, kids get to develop skills amongst peers while still getting individualised attention from the coach. The group environment provides students with plenty of variety with whom they play as well as the ability for coaches to differentiate drills/games to match the player's ability or to provide more of a challenge for those wanting it. Individual sessions provide time to instil strong fundamentals and prioritise areas of the player's game that need the most attention. 

Visit horizontennis.com.au for more information or to enrol.

Footstars Academy

​Futsal, Football and Ball Mastery group lessons for students aged Prep to Year 6. Children are grouped according to age and ability.

Visit the Footstars Academy Facebook page or email natalia.footstarsacademy@outlook.com​ for more information

Chess Club

Chess Mates offers weekly chess lessons for students in Prep to Year 6. Classes focus on teaching the fundamentals of chess in a fun, interactive way while helping your child to develop other skills such as maths, problem-solving, planning, emotional intelligence and social skills. 

Visit chessmates.com.au​ for more information or to enrol.​