Sport Policy

Physical activity is fundamental to life.  Physical Education (PE) is an area of education that we acknowledge as being unique and an essential component of a sound education. The study and practice of physical activity renders PE an indispensable subject in our school program. While sport is a valued and accepted part of our school’s physical education curriculum, we see it as only one component of a student’s physical education.  We believe that PE is much more than the preparation of our students to play sport. We believe that the focus of PE is the individual and that it teaches students about themselves, developing cognitive and major competencies, rationality, understanding, aesthetic appreciation, self-esteem, confidence and attitudes relative to human functioning, movement and interaction.  It’s most significant contribution to the education process is its focus on and the development of the pupil’s understanding and enjoyment of and competence in the physical areas of learning and experience.  It is a preparation for life.


The Catholic school community is called to provide a process of education for the holistic development of the human person towards the full realisation of higher potential, within a value system based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  ​ 

Physical education plays a vital role in this process, and as such, the purpose of this document is:

  • to ensure that all students are exposed to exercise and physical activity with a soundly structured and well implemented PE Program

  • to ensure that all students are exposed to exercise and physical activity in such a manner as to promote success and enjoyment and encourage high levels of physical activity and fitness throughout life

  • to clarify the role that sport plays as a component of the total PE program.


The PE program and its implementation conforms to the current Brisbane Catholic Education PE Policy Statement and Guidelines.  Its aim is to provide a formalised development PE Program, which caters for all our children. Maximum participation of all students and teachers is essential.


The PE Program is designed, implemented and evaluated according to those Gospel values reflected in the Mission Statement of our school. 

Each class devotes a minimum of 1.5 hours to formal Physical Education activities a week. These include activities which promote the development of knowledge, skills, behaviours, values and attitudes relative to the human body and how it functions, the role and place of physical activity in society, as well as the more traditional PE activities of swimming, dance, games, modified sports and fitness. ​

The PE Program has equal status with other aspects and dimensions of the curriculum and each teacher is responsible and accountable for student learning opportunities in their class.  This is reflected in our procedures of evaluation and reporting to parents.


  • A PE Program Co-ordinator is appointed to facilitate the development and implementation of our PE Program.

  • Sufficient resources are provided to allow the satisfactory implementation of the PE Program. 

  • Boys and girls are expected to participate together in all PE activities.

Our school promotes, as an essential concern, a healthy and active lifestyle. Teachers abide by Brisbane Catholic Education Centre PE Safety Guidelines when conducting PE classes.

It is recognised that continuing professional development for teachers is essential for the effective implementation of our PE Program.

Sport, in its various forms, is an extension and is additional to our PE Program. We value its inclusion in our school curriculum but it is not a substitute for a PE Program.​