2023 Fee Information

In our endeavour to keep fees and levies as reasonable as possible, we rely on the whole hearted support of each family to pay fees promptly by the due date.  Please note, as a condition of enrolment, families agree to pay the fees charged.  
2023 OLR Fee Schedule.pdf

Fee Policy

OLR Fee Policy.pdf

2023 Fees Include

Tuition Fee - which covers the running costs of the school and includes items such as salaries, rates, electricity, telephone, cleaning, security, building and grounds maintenance.

Student Levy - covers all books, stationary and classroom resources.  This levy varies depending on student year level.

Techonlogy / Device Levy - enables access to information technology throughout the school with shared devices (ipads/laptops) in the early years and personal devices from Year 4 onwards.  Parents are not expected to purchase or supply a device for their children

Parents and Friends Levy - charged once a year per family, this levey is determined by the P&F Accociation and used to support the school community.

Capital Levy - charged once a year per family, this levy is important for ongoing maintenance, refurbishment and improvement to the school environment.

Voluntary Building and Library Fund Contributions - These contributions are voluntary and fully tax deductible to the fee payer.  There are strict guidelines around how we use these funds.  Contributions have traditionally enabled capital building works and improvement to Library resources.​

Payment of Fees

Fee statements are issued at the beginning of each term to families that pay on invoice and are due in full within 14 days,unless on a Direct Debit arrangement.

Methods of payment include BPay, Direct Bank Deposit, Credit Card, EFTPOS, cheque, cash or Direct Debit.

Difficulty Paying

​It is our policy to assist families who may be experiencing difficulties in meeting fee obligations.  Communications with the school is important and we urge you to make contact with our Finance Officer or Principal as early as possible to confidentially discuss your situation.

OLR Refund Policy

​If a student departs OLR midway through the term, the full term fees remain payable.

Contact Fran Letson, the OLR Finance Officer for more details on fletson@bne.catholic.edu.au  or call 

07 3378 2412.​