Catholic Identity

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Catholic schools are vibrant places where young people come together to learn about themselves, others and the wonderous beauty and possibilities of the world in which they live.

Young people come to know themselves, and others, as human beings “created in the image and likeness of God” (Gen 1:26). Our focus is on the joyous discoveries of learning, the power of critical thinking, the importance of human relationships and the gifts which flow from our ancient but ever-evolving faith tradition founded in the person of Jesus Christ. Our students, at every level, are inspired to reach their potential so they will make the world a better place.​

We celebrate our faith, giving witness to God’s hope of promoting the dignity of every person, by embodying a contemporary Catholic world-view​, by:
  • ​​Nurturing a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Advocating equity and justice
  • Growing inclusion and diversity
  • Driving ecological action​
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