Year Four

​​During the year the students will engage in several units of work. Class teachers advise parents on which units are being covered at the start of each term. Each class begins the year with a focus on the school's history and our Marian charism. This is used as a basis for developing a class covenant. 

A Catholic covenant is a solemn or written promise that is a shared vision and collective understanding of an expectation of appropriate behaviours. It is negotiated and written by the class to ensure all students have a common understanding and ownership. They develop an individual vision of how they will Know, Love and Serve together. 

Each unit involves an inquiry approach and draws on the student’s understanding of their own life context, and that of believers through time. The deep learning and ‘big ideas’ are supported by scripture and draw on content from the sub-strands of Beliefs, Sacred Texts, Church and Christian Life. ​​

​​​Focus Areas

Insights into Community revealed by the Decalogue ​

Students connect ideas from different texts and experiences of Jewish life at the time of Jesus including the decalogues. They explore how knowledge of the Bible helps believers better understand God’s word and the meaning of covenant. This helps the class to create their own class covenant and consider their prayer life of the classroom.  

Looking at the Bible - Texts in the Old Testament   

Students investigate the structure of the Bible to become familiar with the referencing system and variety of books and text types in the Old and New Testaments. 

The Trinity 

Students explore the Christian understanding of Trinity as seen in scripture passages that recount the actions of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Looking at the Bible - Texts of the New Testament   

The books of the New Testament contain a variety of text types such as parables, miracle stories and narratives. Understanding the text types, as well as the world behind and of the text, helps readers better understand God’s Word. The Bible’s referencing system helps us to locate books, people and places in the Bible.  

Living as a Faith Community- insights of the early church     

Students explore the significance of community through a focused look at the Decalogue and the wisdom of St Paul. What rules do communities need? How did early Church communities in Australia live? How did Jewish communities live in first-century Palestine? How are the messages and actions of Jesus lived in the Church today? 

Living in Loving relationship with God others and all creation 

In the light of the texts of the ten commandments in Deuteronomy and the teachings of Jesus students consider how free choices result in actions that affect the individual and their community. 

Jesus’ Healing Ministry 

Students explore the mission and ministry of Jesus and how this is continued today in parishes and dioceses. They gain an understanding of how the celebrations of Anointing of the sick and Penance continue the mission and ministry of Jesus in the life of the community.