School Song & Prayer

School Song

​​For Our Lady of the Rosary School, Kenmore  

Words & Music: Michael Mangan  

On sacred Yuggera and Turrbal country we proudly stand today.   

From ancient dreamtime to here and now time, this has been a holy place.   

The Brigidine sisters started our story, a school for you and me,   

A place to live and love and learn for all the world to see.   

We are OLR, Our Lady of the Rosary,   

Oh, we are OLR, faith-filled community.    

We 'Know, Love and Serve' God in what we do and who we are,   

​I am, you are, we are OLR!   

 Everyone is welcome here, we value diversity.    

We live our faith with joy and hope, in peace and harmony.   

We follow Jesus in the way of Mary in all we do and say.   

We pray and play and work together, every single day.   

 We share and use the gifts we have, we help each other shine.   

We’re proud and strong, we all belong, as we journey side by side.   

Mary MacKillop leads us to compassion and to care,   

As we build a brighter future, and live God’s dream we share.   

© 2022 Litmus Productions. Michael Mangan. All Rights Reserved. 


School Prayer 

Loving God​ 

We thank you for this holy place, ​ 

Our Lady of the Rosary School​ 

Where we gather in Your name​ 

From Creation and the Dreaming​ 

We continue to care for our place and each other​ 

As we pray and work and play​ 

Bless us as we follow the example of Jesus​ 

And the way of Mary​ 

To ‘Know Love and Serve’  You and others​ 

Amen​ ​


School Houses

As part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations, the School Houses are being relaunched to reflect their complete history over the years and celebrate a strong Catholic Identity to move forward into the future.  

The new School Houses will be officially launched as part of the school's Feast Day celebrations this Year.  Our Lady of the Rosary Feast Day is 7 October.  ​