Our History

​We acknowledge the Yuggera and Turrbal Nations as the original custodians of the place in which we pray, work and play. We pay respect to their elders; past, present and emerging. They have cared for this land for thousands of years.  May we always walk gently and peacefully together with one another.  

We are a school established by the Archdiocese of Brisbane. We are part of the Brisbane Catholic Education system. Mary MacKillop (Mary of the Cross MacKillop) is the patron saint of the Archdiocese of Brisbane and Brisbane Catholic Education.  ​

While our Charism is Marian, as reflected in our school name ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’, our founding links to the Brigidine Sisters based who were based in Indooroopilly.  The Parish and School were founded in the early 1960s. James Duhig was the archbishop with the vision to establish new parishes in the Western Suburbs as part of the Centenary expansion.  He requested that the Brigidine Sisters found the school with the newly appointed Parish Priest, Father Tom Carroll. The foundation stone for the school (and original church) was laid on 3 November 1962, and doors were open to learning on 3 March 1963.  The Brigidine Sisters were here for 20 years, handing the school over to the first lay Principal in 1982. 

The Brigidine Sisters, founded by Daniel Delany in Ireland, base their work on his motto Strength and Kindliness. Their patroness is St Brigid of Kildare. St Brigid spirituality is deeply connected to the Celtic expression of life connected to God (as Trinity) and the environment. Care for the earth, for justice and equality, for peace and reconciliation are important responses to living a Christian life.  

A commitment to helping those in need is also reflected in the work of the Brigidine Sisters. This ‘compels’ us to live in a manner that is faithful to the teachings of Jesus and inspired by the values of the Brigidine Sisters. It is these words that continue to challenge and inspire believers today to actively make decisions that show our deep care and connection to the environment, to each other particularly those in need. We show our love and commitment to the flourishing of each individual and the community by celebrating with joy and gratitude the successes of our community.  

School Motto and Crest ‘To Know, Love and Serve’  

We come to know, love and serve God, individually and communally, based on the teachings and actions of Jesus. The current motto also parallels the ‘Head Hearts and Hands’ model of faith formation and education. Know (Head) Love (Heart) Serve (Hands). We also ​draw on the inspiration and patronage of Mary, the first disciple, to Know, Love and Serve.   

The original school motto came from the Brigidine Motto - "Fortiter et Suaviter" (translated as Strength and Gentleness (Latin). This motto is still used by Brigidine College and Holy Family Indooroopilly as their motto.  In 1983, after the Sisters completed their service at OLR, the motto changed to Know, Love, Serve. The crest was changed from the Brigidine Crest to one with the Southern Cross constellation. The current motto and image was introduced in 2010 to reflect the name and charism of the Our Lady of the Rosary.  The school crest is made up of a decade of rosary beads and a centre cross.   

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​1963 - 1984​

​1984 - 2010

​2010 - Present