Term 3, 2021

There were so many activities during term 3 last year, here are just a few highlights!

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

As part of the 2021 IGNITE program, students from Years 3 - 6 were selected to participate in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA). This is a problem-solving activity organised by the Australian Mathematics Trust which is designed to help motivate, stimulate, encourage and develop mathematically interested and high-achieving students to bring forth the talent and potential within.

The MCYA Challenge took place over four weeks. Students received four multi-layered, high level problems. Years 3 - 4 completed the Middle Primary problems and Years 5 - 6 completed the Upper Primary questions. Students were required to present written solutions to as many of these problems as they could. The problems are challenging and require focus, independence, self-motivation, higher-order thinking, time and persistence. These students received their certificates at assembly last week.


West Brisbane Maths Challenge

Congratulations to the selected Year 5 and Year 6 students for taking on the 2021 West Brisbane Mathematics Challenge. Students participated in a team mathematical problem-solving day that involved completing three specific events. There were 24 teams in our small/medium school category and our OLR Teams placed 9th, 13th, 22nd and 23rd. They were a true credit to OLR as they enthusiastically represented our school. They interacted with other students and adults in a positive, considerate and respectful manner. These students were recognised at assembly that week. Well done!


Year 6 Debating

Congratulations to our Year 6 Debaters! They completed their first debate for term 3 and represented OLR proudly. Their topic was “Homework for Primary Students should be banned". Our affirmative team came out with a win and the negative team were just pipped at the post! Brilliant collaboration and effort by all team members! 

web 3 debate.jpg

2021 ICAS Assessments

Congratulations to all students in Years 3 – 6 who registered and completed the 2021 English, Mathematics and Science ICAS Assessments across weeks 6, 7 and 8.  

Igniting the Spark! Fuelling the Fire!


Year 4 Bridge Building

Year 4 students spent time investigating the challenge of "Build a Bridge" in Design Technology. They were required to research the different types of bridges and record notes to create their very own bridge. Students were fully engaged, with extensive discussions, trials and errors as they enjoyed the experience of design and build.  They excitingly tested their completed bridges with toy cars.

IMG_0238 sm.jpgIMG_0239 sm.jpgIMG_0230 sm.jpg


Music Extension – Introduction to Violin

The term 3 new Violin group started in Term 3.. They surpassed expectations with their enthusiasm, musicality and progress on the violin.  It's was amazing to watch the children learn new pieces every week and learn extra pieces by themselves.  Well Done! These students went on to join Symphony Music and are taught by Bruna Felix, the new violin teacher at OLR.

The OLR Violin Ensemble will continue in 2022.  Any students who have learnt violin for approximately 6 months either at school or out of school, are welcome to participate.  Students will be expected to make the commitment to come every week and to practice the pieces we learn at home.  

The Music Extension - Introduction to Violin for OLR Students will start in 2022.  Contact the OLR Music Teacher, Leanne Hodges for more details via the school email address, pkenmore@bne.catholic.edu.au.

IMG_7641 sm.jpg 


Students were delighted to join in the Games Boy JP incursion, with Sean-san. Lots of interactive games, focusing on Japanese language and culture.  Never has the game of 'jan-ken-pon' been played with such enthusiasm and on such a grand scale at OLR!  Fun fact - the game of 'scissors, paper, rock' originated in Japan! Sean-san, domo arigato!

Japanese Lunch​

PXL_20210913_031239824.MP sm.jpg

The Year 5 students enjoyed a Japanese-themed lunch of 'obento'. Students had been learning about Japanese food, as well as eating etiquette in Japan, including what to say before (itadakimasu) or after (gochiso sama deshita) a meal. Some impressive o-hashi (chopsticks) skills were on display and there were lots of smiles and comments of 'oishii' (delicious) or 'dai suki desu' (I love it!).