Lego Brick - fest

​​​​The morning started with a sausage sizzle breakfast before school, followed by an entertaining and highly informative talk delived by Mr Simon Smith, one of our OLR dads.  Simon is a passionate Lego enthusiast who, at an early age, set his sigths on becoming an architect.  He has gone on to design some significant structures in Australia and overseas.  Simon shared with the students his insights into building big towers and linked this to Lego building.

Our students worked in teams to build one brick wide lego towers.  In the end the largest tower was 195 bricks high!  We have a photo to prove it.

The facilitation of Brickfest was acombined effort, however the key driver was Mrs Michaela Lewis, our wonderful Primary Learning Leader providing this STEM opportunity for our boys and girls. 

A photo of our tower to The Catholic magazine to enter their tower building challenge. Towers were required to be built with one size of Lego brick, with no supports.​​​

UPDATE - Our Lady of the Rosary School were luck enough to win! Our Brickfest morning was not only a great community event, it has now been a competition success too.  Our Lego Tower was the tallest entered into the Catholic Schools magazine Lego Tower Competition.  the prize is a $9000 data projctor.  Many thanks to all involved in this community event.