Literature Program

​​​​Literature Program

Nicoll & Roberts (1993) summarise the reason for literature programs with the following statement:
 We believe in the power of literature not simply to entertain but to tell us truths about ourselves and to nourish our spirit and imagination.
 Nicoll, Vivienne & Roberts, Victoria (1993) Taking a closer look at literature based programs, Sydney: PETA p.7.
At Our Lady of the Rosary all students participate in a literature program, developed and delivered weekly by the Literature Teacher. Throughout their time in the school, children engage with an extensive range of literature. Their interests and reading levels are extended and they are given opportunities to develop a love of literature.
The program is structured in themes which are delivered one per term. Children:
  • read in the genre of the theme
  • listen to stories in whole or part
  • borrow books for home reading​
  • engage with the genre through varied activities
These experiences occur in a rotational group structure, thus giving each child an opportunity to enjoy literature in many different ways.