​​​​​Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)- the OLR program ​

 At Our Lady of the Rosary School we believe that stdents need to develop Information & Communication Technology (ICT) capability in order to effectively communicate, access information, work and solve problems in today's world.  In line with the Australian Curriculum, it is our aim to embed technology into our teaching and learning, across all subject areas, so that students can experience and use a variety of technologies in a responsible and informed way.  Each week students take paret in specific Digital Technolgy lessons as well as experienc technology as an intergrated part of the curriculm instruction and practice.

​1 to 1 iPads

​Our approach to ICT is enriched by all students having access to their own individual iPad that is supplied and managed by the school.

These devices enable students to safely work individually or in groups, utilising a variety of programs under the direction of their teacher.

Students in Year 4, 5 and Year 6 participate in the 1 to 1 iPad program at OLR. These students take their iPads home each night.  

In Year 4, at the commencement of the 1 to 1 program, students undertake a 'laptop boot camp', where they learn about a range of expectations and guidelines associated with the program before taking the devices home for the first time.

Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety

​We acknowledge that the internet and technology are a regular part of life for our students.  They have grown up in a time where it has always existed.  It is important for us at Our Lady of the Rosary School to give students multiple opportunities to not only develop their knowledge, skills and understanding, but also to develop positive attitudes and values when using information and communication technologies in their daily lives.  We aim to integrate principles of good digital citizenship tin all our teaching and learning experiences.  Technology is constantly changing.  It is our belief that teaching the rsponsible use of technology to our students is a partnership between home and school, so we regularly offer Cyber Safety programs to parents, staff and students.

Accetable Use of ICT at OLR

​Each year, and on enrolment, parents and students read and complete the Acceptable Use Policy for ICT at OLR.  This provides parents and students with the necessary information requirement to enable the understanding responsibilities associated with use of these resources.  This document, which can be accessed through the link below, must be read and understood before signing the agreement.

2022 Information Booklet and ICT Agreement for Ipads Yr4 to Yr 6.pdf

2022 Information Booklet and ICT Agreement for Ipads .pdf