​​​The Catholic School

The Catholic Church considers Catholic schools provide a unique faith environment for the holistic formation of its members. A working partnership of parents, children, parish and school, where each contributes his or her gifts to best achieve this formation.

Parents have the privilege of being the first and major influence on their child. The decision to baptise a child into the Catholic Church is made by the parents. When the child reaches school age, parents enter into a partnership with those who are in the profession of formal education. OLR strives to be totally dedicated to sharing this partnership as a privilege and responsibility. Enrolling a child in a Catholic school enables him/her to learn about the Catholic Church, it's traditions, beliefs and practices as well as supports parents in their role as the child's first educators of faith. One of the school's main concerns is to assist those in it's care to develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. To achieve this, a strong emphasis is placed on the Religious Education Program of a Catholic school.

Religious Education

At OLR, the Religious Education (RE) program follows the Religious Education Guidelines developed by Brisbane Catholic Education. Every semester, the teachers plan the RE Program with the Assistant to the Principal, Religious Education (APRE). Through this cooperative planning there is emphasis on:

  • the content and core outcomes developed by Brisbane Catholic Education and approved by the Archbishop
  • the core strands of Scripture, Beliefs, Celebration , Prayer and Morality
  • development of attitudes
  • evaluation and assessment of the content and outcomes.


Prayer is part of the daily class program.


Each class also prays and celebrates, as a class, in a more formal manner from time to time. These formal celebrations take the form of either a Eucharistic liturgy held in the church or a prayer ritual held in the classroom. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these prayer celebrations.

Whole School Liturgies and Prayer Assemblies

Whole school liturgies and prayer assemblies are held according to the Church's Liturgical Year or to commemorate specific social justice or community issues. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these events.

Sacramental Program

Preparation for the reception of the sacraments (Confirmation, First Communion) is run by the OLR ParishContact the OLR Parish for details for the 2022 Sacrement preparation for children.

Children are supported in their preparation for the reception of the sacraments by the Religious Education Program in the school. When children are preparing for the first celebration of reconciliation, their parents are invited to participate in the parish
program.  Preparation focuses on activities which integrate into family life. The same process is in place for children preparing to celebrate the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.  

It is important to note that entry into the sacramental program is neither compulsory nor mandatory. The choice involves a parental commitment to ensure that the child receives ongoing family support. There needs also to be continuing family commitment to a parish community through frequent attendance at Mass and regular reception of the sacraments.