Class Groups

​​​​​​At Our Lady of the Rosary School the children are grouped into year level class groups from Prep to Year 6. From time to time it may be necessary to consider different organisational structures.
One of these structures is the provision of multi-age classes - classes composed of children of different ages, intentionally grouped together for learning. These classes are a reflection of our understanding of how children learn and how teachers can provide effective learning environments. There are no multi-age classes in 2023.


OLR School has 14 class groups with two classes in each ear level. Years 6 function under a Middle School philosophy. 
The school has  a Primary learning Leader as head of curriculum, two Teacher-librarians,  a PE Teacher, a Music Teacher, a Nihongo (Japanese) Teacher Learning Support teacher and a Guidance Counsellor.

There is a variety of extra curricular activities held at OLR.