Car Park Procedure


Drop and Go Zone is shown above as the 'Student waiting area'.  Cars should stop and allow students to get out of the car with their bags.  Drivers should remain in their cars.  Please ensure students get out of the car on the kerbside and walk down the walkway towards the Admin building.  Cars can either drive around the car park and out onto Kenmore Road or past the Admin building, through the staff car park and left onto Moggill Road.  Parents wanting to walk children into school should park in the centre of the Church carpark. CARS SHOULD NOT BE LEFT PARKED IN THE DROP AND GO ZONE. Please be considerate of other drivers and children.
See diagram above
There are TWO collection points, both supervised by a teacher
  • ​students wait outside the Admin building. Cars queue along 'student waiting area' on the left. 
  • students wait on the steps of the church, Cars queue on the right handside from the entrance

Two lanes of traffic going into the Church Carpark from Kenmore Road.

1 - Left lane (along the student waiting area) continues down through the staff car park and left into Moggill Road.

2 - Right lane loops past the church steps and left only into Kenmore Road.

​Parents who are parked in the dual lanes must remain in their car. Teachers will deliver students to the vehicles.

If you park in the centre parking bays, be prepared to wait until after 3.15pm to get out. 

Reduce your stress!
Generally by 3.15pm the church car park is free of congestion.
Try coming a little later!


The entrance is from Moggill Road. 
Morning drop off - please park and escort your children to the latch gates at the end of the car park.
Afternoon Pick up - children are supervised at the U-turn section under the CCC.  Collection is either park and pick up/meet in the school grounds or drive through.
NB - No right turn on to Moggill Road during drop off and pick up hours.  Please be considerate of others.
 Please leave this car park for the prep classes and the OLR Kindy parents.  It should only be used for drop off or pick up, not for extended stays.
NB: The boom gate at the top of the driveway is closed from 7.50 am - 8.40 am in the mornings and between
2.50 - 3.10pm in the afternoons This is to keep safe all the students who walk down and back up the driveway on their way to and from school.  Help keep all our children safe by not opening the gate during these times.  If you are parked in the car park when the boom goes down, you will be unable to move your car until after these times.