Year 5 and 6 Acceptance Policy

Our Lady of the Rosary
Years 5 & 6 Acceptable Use Policy 


A.      The purpose of this policy is to:
1.       establish guidelines for students and parents in relation to their use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) which in any way relates to the school and/or its teachers, employees and other students of OLR Kenmore (together the School);
2.       protect the reputation and integrity of the School, its employees and students;
3.       develop student and parent awareness about the dangers of misuse of ICTs;
4.       make parents aware that:
(i)            they are responsible for their child’s use of ICTs and their own use of ICTs and that they can in certain circumstances be held personally liable for misuse of social media; and
(ii)           the School policy applies to students and parents outside of School hours insofar as the use of ICTs relates to the School and its teachers, employees and students.
ICTs are deemed to include, but are not limited to, computers, laptops, iPads, smartphones, mobile telephones, and any other electronic, digital and/or mobile communication device.
Social media is deemed to mean all online websites, programs, applications or platforms (including but not limited to entities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, MySpace), online magazines, internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, podcasts, photographs or pictures, picture sharing sites, blogs, wall postings, instant messaging, music sharing, crowdsourcing, video, rating and social bookmarking and any web site in which visitors are able to engage in social networking, publish and/or communicate content.
A.      In accordance with the School policy, as a student of OLR I must:
Recognise intellectual property
1.       Use the technology at school to help learn and not interfere with the work or data of another student.
2.       Think critically about what I read and view on the Internet. Question if it is from a reliable source and use the information to help me answer any questions (I should not copy and paste the information as my answer without properly acknowledging the source of such information).
3.       Respect the ownership of information (including images) on school computers. This includes not copying School photos/images for personal use without express written permission.
4.       Not bring or download unauthorised programs, including games, to the School or run them on school computers.
Apply digital information security practices
5.       Keep myself and my friends safe by not giving out personal details including full names, telephone numbers, addresses and images.
6.       Talk to my teacher or another adult if I need help online or I am not sure what to do.
7.       Think before I post online – once posted it is next to impossible to completely remove posts including material such as photographs.
8.       Leave a site immediately by clicking ‘back’ or closing the browser, if I feel uncomfortable.
9.       Not open emails, documents, downloads or pop ups etc. from unknown sources
Apply personal security protocols
10.    Go to a teacher, parent or another trusted adult if I need help; if I come across sites that are not appropriate or material that is not acceptable; or if I think that this policy is not being followed.
11.    Not reveal my password except to the School’s system administrator or a teacher if required.
12.    Not respond if someone sends me an unkind or offensive message. Instead, tell a teacher, parent or another trusted adult.
13.    Search for sites as directed by the teacher and not go looking for rude or offensive sites.
14.    Respect the privacy of others when using technology.
15.    Always be aware that while the School uses software and filters to keep our community safe there may be times when I see inappropriate material and I need to tell an adult if this happens.
Investigate, create and communicate with ICT
16.    Be respectful in how I talk to and work with others online and never use ICTs and/or social media to harass or bully (cyber bullying, text bullying etc.) another person even if it is meant as a joke.
17.    Always use language and images that would be acceptable at school.
18.    Always use technology in a manner which reflects the School academic, caring and Christian core values.
19.    Use mobile devices at the discretion of the supervising teacher and in line with class and school rules.
20.    Not use mobile devices to record or capture images of others without their knowledge and permission.
21.    Not buy or sell items or services over the internet during school hours
B.      Consequences for Violations:
I understand and will follow this Acceptable Use Policy.
If I fail to uphold this policy, the consequences could include suspension of computer privileges and/or disciplinary action. I also understand that my School network and email accounts are owned by the School  and are not intended for private/ personal use.
The School has the right to access my School account and to monitor usage and communications at any time.
Student’s Name (please print): ________________________________
Student’s Signature: ________________________________ Date: _______________
C.      Your responsibilities as a Parent regarding Acceptable Use:
1.             The School does not condone nor encourage students using social media sites that children cannot legally access.  Most popular social media sites impose age restrictions on children joining – e.g. Facebook limits users to persons over the age of 13 years.
2.             I understand that ICTs and social media can have a direct impact on the School’s reputation and the wider school and church community.
3.             As a parent of a child attending the School, I:
(a)           have read the Acceptable Use Policy and I agree to it;
(b)           give permission for my child to use information technology resources at School and further,  I can be held responsible for replacing at cost any School ICT property that has been willfully damaged by my child;
(c)           accept that the School reserves the right to take any necessary steps to protect its interests if either my child or I use ICTs and/or social media in a way that directly or indirectly damages the reputation and/or discredits the School and/or is otherwise against School values;
(d)           that I will not use ICTs or social media in a way that is deliberately or recklessly intended to personally attack, defame or insult School members or could otherwise be construed by the School to be against its values;
(e)           I will exercise maximum discretion if I upload or post to the internet or social media photos of other children in a School uniform or at a School or Parish event, or alternatively I will seek proper authority to do so; and,
(f)            accept that School technology is provided for learning in keeping with the academic goals of the School.  I recognise it is impossible for the School to supervise and/or restrict access to the internet all controversial materials, and I understand that there is a shared responsibility between the School, myself and my child in developing safe and appropriate use.
4.             I understand that my child’s use of ICT at home should be supervised.   I understand that inappropriate or improper use of social media, even if outside of school hours, can have serious consequences for my child’s enrolment at School and that the School retains an absolute discretion to take action for any conduct or use of ICTs or social media which it alone deems contrary to this policy or School values.
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