Visitors on Site

Parent Helpers and Visitors to the School

It is important for the safety of all community members that visitors identify themselves at the School Office upon arrival at the school.  A sign-in book at the front office records your presence on the site and is referred to in the event of an emergency evacuation.  Visitors are reminded that the consumption of alcohol during school hours is prohibited and that the school is a non-smoking site at all times.

Protocols for Classroom and School Volunteers

Parent Volunteers

Parental participation in the life of the school is encouraged.  Parents can assist in many ways, both in and out of the classroom.  Class teachers will advise times and tasks when parental assistance is required.  In all situations of parental voluntary assistance, it must be recognized that the teacher is the responsible adult in charge of the class and that the parent must comply with the teacher directions in relation to the conduct of the class and care of students.  Confidentiality is an expectation of any involvement with children in the school.  Parents should sign-in and sign-out daily so that a record of contact with children can be maintained and to assist account for visitors in cases of emergency.
All parent volunteers need to complete the online Volunteer Registration at the beginning of each year.

Non Parent Volunteers

All non-parent volunteers (grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, extended family) who help at the school in any capacity,  regardless of frequency, must undergo a criminal check before undertaking such work.  The Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian screens all persons who work with children to eliminate the possibility of anyone with a criminal history working in education.  A suitability notice in the form of a plastic card is valid for 2 years from the date of application.  Parents do not need to apply for this suitability card.  Further information is available on the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian’s website .  Volunteers should sign-in and sign-out daily at the school office,  so that a record of contact with children can be maintained and to assist account for visitors in cases of emergency.
All non-parent volunteers also need to complete an online Volunteer Registration​ at the beginning of each year

Class Liaison Parents

Class liaison parents are an important link between the class, the class teacher and the parent group for that class. Parents volunteer for this role early in the school year and many wonderful friendships develop as a result of participation with other school parents and this in turn leads to a great sense of community. The main role of the class liaison parent is to facilitate opportunities for parents and families to meet together in a social setting. For more information on Liaison Parent dutie,s please go to About Us / Parent Involvement / Liaison Parents