Extra Curricular Activities

Inter-school Sport

Students in Years 5 & 6 are involved in inter-school sporting competitions with schools in the district. The students are buses to the various venues during school hours.

Various Afternoon Sporting Opportunities available

During the year different sports are run by independent companies on the school premises. Students can choose from sports such as soccer, basketball, cricket and netball. 
Tennis lessons are run on the OLR tennis courts, with classes available before and after school and during breaktimes.  Special Prep tennis classes are run straight after school, with the staff collecting the students from their classrooms.


Performing Arts Program

At Our Lady of the Rosary School students are able to access a number of extra curricular activities which operate during school, lunch times, before and after school. Some classes are held on a rotational basis. Places in some programs are limited. Because of their elective nature, it is necessary for parents to pay for the tutors and provide an instrument for the activities. Lessons are generally group lessons. Some individual classes may be arranged on requirement.

Classes are offered in:


Piano, ViolinFlute and Guitar lessons are run by external instrumental teachers who come into the school to run classes.  For the first time band instrumental tuition is available, with the intention of creating a band in the future. 


Speech and Drama or Musical Theatre

Children are able to access two different programs run at the school. The programs are tailored to suit the needs of the students.  Classes are run during the day, fitting in with class activities, after school or on Saturdays.
Speech and drama classes utilise a range of acting techniques, mime, improvisation, voice production, oral presentation skills and developes self confidence, self- esteem and self- expression.  The Musical Theatre covers acting, singing, and dancing.


 Afternoon chess classes are available for students in Prep upwards. The weekly classes enhance reading, memory, languarge and mathematical abilities.  They foster critical, creative, and original thinking and strenthen problem solving skills.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts and Taekwondo classes run weekly after school and early evenings.  Classes are more that self-defence, with students developing skills in concentration and focus, with an awareness about bullying and stranger danger.