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 Parents and Friends Association


The P & F Association meet is held once a month in the evening.  Families pay a P & F Levy each year, which the P&F uses to help fund chosen projects within the school. The most recent project was to lay a synthetic grass running track on the school oval (2017).


PARENTAL CODE OF CONDUCT - An excerpt from the Constitution of the Parents and Friends Association,Our Lady of the Rosary School, Kenmore.


Our Lady of the Rosary is a Catholic School within the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

This code of conduct is intended to provide school community members with guidelines for the effective conduct of meetings and the development of positive relationships within the school community.

General Conduct

Community members agree to:

  • support the Principal and staff in the development of a Christ-centred learning community based upon the principles of Catholic doctrine
  • support the school’s policies developed in consultation with all stakeholders. The Principal has the responsibility to implement these policies
  • accept responsibility for their child’s/children’s progress and work with the teaching staff to deal promptly with areas of concern
  • treat all members of the school community with respect and courtesy
  • acknowledge and affirm success in individual and School achievement.

Conduct at Meetings

The regular Parents and Friends Association meeting is an opportunity for community members to contribute to discussions on issues and to take decisions that will have a positive impact on the school community.

To ensure this is carried out effectively, community members agree to:

  • conduct activities in accordance with the Constitution of the P&F Association
  • participate in P&F Association meetings and other community activities in a constructive manner and respect the views of others
  • acknowledge that the decisions taken and actions proposed at the P&F Association meetings are representative of the majority of the school community
  • adhere to the processes available to have issues addressed and decisions reviewed
  • support the President and members of the P&F Executive when they are required to make decisions on behalf of all parents in the school community
  • use appropriate conduct when participating in meeting discussions and promote positive relationships among community members.

This code was adopted by the members of the P&F Association of Our Lady of the Rosary School on 13 September 2004.