Parents and Friends Association


The P & F Association meeting is held once a month in the evening.  Families pay a P & F Levy each year, which the P&F uses to help fund chosen projects within the school. One project was to lay a synthetic grass running track on the school oval and heat the school swimming pool (2017).


All parents are members of the P & F Community, which:-

  • supports the Principal and staff in the development of a Christ-centred learning community, based upon the principles of Catholic doctrine
  • supports the school’s policies developed in consultation with all stakeholders. The Principal has the responsibility to implement these policies
  • accepts responsibility for their child’s/children’s progress and work with the teaching staff to deal promptly with areas of concern
  • treat all members of the school community with respect and courtesy
  • acknowledges and affirms success in individual and School achievement.​

All parents are required to complete the Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) on-line volunteer training. Parents can  follow the link and complete this training before volunteering in the classroom.​