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 Liaison Parents

Class liaison parents are an important link between the class, the class teacher and the parent group for that class. Parents volunteer for this role early in the school year, with many wonderful friendships developing as a result of participation with other school parents and this in turn leads to a great sense of community. The main role of the class liaison parent is to facilitate periodic opportunities for parents and families to meet together in a social setting. Parents can chose to share the role in a class.

Additionally, liaison parents are encouraged to engage all families in the particular class in welcoming new families to Our Lady of the Rosary and caring for those who may be in need of support as a result of illness, bereavement and other challenging financial, social and physical circumstances, in conjuction with the Families Supporting Families co-ordinator, Narelle Harney, Assitant Principle - Religion.

The class liaison parents do not undertake a role in mediating issues on behalf of other parents or between parents and the class teacher or school. Instead, they should encourage parents to use the usual means to address concerns.


The Role of the Liaison Parent

In The Beginning

At the parent/teacher evenings held at the beginning of the year, a voluntary social contact list is compiled by the liaison parent(s) and distributed to the class families. This class list is used solely for the purposes of communicating with each other for social reasons.

Social Activities

Social activities can be planned on a term or semester basis, or happen periodically as the calendar permits. Some ideas include:

  • a coffee morning at a local coffee shop
  • organising a lunch and/or dinner
  • organise a play in the park after school
  • weekend picnic, which can include a seasonal theme like an Easter egg hunt
  • Social activities can also be organised across the year level with other liaison parents. Many parents and children have made contacts with each other in previous year levels and this is a great way to foster friendships and build community.

Class Liturgies, Masses and Prayer Assemblies

When parents join together for their class liturgies, class prayer assemblies, and class mass the liaison parents usually organise a simple morning tea in the “shed”.  While all parents and friends present at a prayer assembly or class mass are invited to attend the morning tea, the parents of the ‘host’ class are asked to provide refreshments. At the teacher’s discretion, the children may also share morning tea.

Any invitations or notes to be distributed to parents by Liaison Parents must first be given to the office for a member of the administration team to peruse. The liaison parent then copies the note and gives it to the class teacher to hand out.

Requirements to host morning teas:

  • send a note home to parents.  Notes should be shown to the Office before distribution
  • set-up of two trestle tables and an urn before class linturgies - see the office the week before for details.
  • supplies returned to the storeage area and tablecloths taken home to be washed when the morning tea is finished.

 New Families

The Liaison Parents are in a great position to play an integral role in assisting in welcoming new families to OLR. This can be in the form of organising social activities as soon as practical after their arrival at the school and can include a coffee morning and a play in the park. This is a good opportunity for the new children especially, to feel included. Other forms of assistance can be of a more practical nature and include:

  • making initial contact and facilitating introductions with other parents
  • organising for the new families to receive a class social contact list ASAP
  • providing information on local businesses, doctors and dentists, sports clubs and the like.

 Pastoral Support

Liaison and other parents may also be well placed to discretely look out for and to look after those in their own class family who may be in need of support as a result of illness, bereavement and other challenging financial, social and physical circumstances.  In so doing Liaison parents would be encouraged to approach, in the first instance, the class teacher or a member of the school leadership team on becoming aware of such a situation.