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Prep to Year 6

  Annual Tuition Fees - Per Family Charge

1 child

​2 Children

​3+ Children

Tuition Fees​ ​$2,020 ​$3,250 ​$3,850

Parents & Friends Levy​​

​$200 ​$200 ​$200
 Student Levy - Per child per annum
 Prep Levy​ $380​
​Year 1 Levy $330
Year 2 Levy​


Year 3 Levy​ ​$390
Year 4 Levy​ ​$210
​Year 5 Levy​ ​$210
​Year 6 Levy ​$230
Camps - Per Child in Year 5 and / or Year 6
Year 5 Camp​ ​$250 paid in 2016

​ Year 6

Sydney/Canberra Trip​

​$1,000 (less any fundraising)  This will be billed and  payable as follows:

When child is in Year 5, Terms 3 & 4  $250 each

                          Year 6, Term 1          $250

                          Year 6, Term 2         $250   (less any fundraising - TBA)

 Tax Deductible Contributions - Per Family per annum
​ Fund​​ ​ Contribution $520​​
Library Fund Contribution​ ​$100
Annual Discount
If payment of the annual amount of fees and levies is paid in full by 15 February 2016, a 2.5% discount will apply.
Note - this discount does not apply to Building or Library Fund Contributions
Due Dates for 2016 Term Payments of Fees
Term 1 - 15 February 2016
Term 2 - 02 May 2016
Term 3 - 31 July1 August 2016
Term 4 - 24 October 2016
Fees must be paid by these dates, unless a Direct Debit arrangement has been entered into. Late payment is not acceptable and all charges incurred in collecting overdue accounts will be passed onto the account holder. 
Contact Us
For all fee enquiries please contact 
Lisa Kelly
Finance Secretary
Tel:     3378 2412
Payments of Accounts
Accounts are issued quarterly at the beginning of each Term and are emailed to the primary account holders email address.
Payment Methods
Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit.  This can be from either a credit card or bank account (there is a separate form for each method) and payment options are as follows:
  • 10 equal monthly instalments commencing February 2016 and ending November 2016
  • 20 fortnightly instalments commencing February 2016 and concluding November 2016

Application forms can be found below, picked up from the school office or by emailing the Finance Secretary directly.   Note: Our Lady of the Rosary School does not charge credit card fees.

Alternative methods of payment include BPay, Direct Bank Deposit, Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard), EFTPOS, cheque or cash.  Payments can be made in the school office during school hours or via phone or email to the Finance Secretary.

In cases of repeated failure to pay fees, the School is reluctantly forced to engage a professional debt collection agency for recovery of outstanding debt.  Please be aware that additional charges will be incurred once the account has been handed to the debt collection agency for action.

DDR form 2016 with Calculator.pdfDDR form 2016 with Calculator.pdf

CC Form 2016 with Calculator.pdfCC Form 2016 with Calculator.pdf


Difficulty Paying

It is our policy to assist families who maybe experiencing difficulties in meeting fee obligations.  By contacting the finance office as early as possible BEFORE THE DUE DATE, we will be in a position to offer some assistance.  Communication with the school is important and we urge you to make contact with Financial Secretary or Principal as soon as possible, before the situation becomes more difficult.

In cases of extreme financial hardship, the school will consider granting a fee concession as per Brisbane Catholic Education guidelines.  The concession applies only to the current year and the parent/carer must apply each year.  Families experiencing difficulties may apply at any time during the year.  However, fee concessions normally only apply to the remaining school terms as applicable.  Generally concessions only apply to tuition fees.

A condition of any variation of fees, is that the applicant must complete a Direct Debit payment arrangement within 14 days of receiving an approved variation.


Leaving the School

When a family leaves the school, the Principal must be notified in writing at least one month prior to a student's last day of enrolment, or in the case of withdrawal at the end of the school year, by 1 October of the last year of enrolment.  Failure to provide written notification may incur one term's school fees in lieu.


How your fees work for Our Lady of the Rosary School

Tuition Fees

Are used to cover the running costs of the school and include items such as salaries, rates, electricity, telephone, insurance, cleaning, security and technology maintenance.


Student Levy

Covers all the student's books and resources, activities, excursions, Schoolcare Student Insurance, sports days and any transport costs.  This, however, does not include school camps.


Building and Library Fund Contributions - Fully Tax Deductible

Our Lady of the Rosary School relies on these contributions to finance significant loan repayments and school redevelopment as part of our Master Plan.  The on going improvement and refurbishing of the school environment is an necessary and mandatory part of school life.  Contributions are voluntary and fully tax deductible to the fee payer.


Parents and Friends Levy

This levy has been determined by the OLR Parents and Friends Association and is used to support the school and it's community.